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Eric J. Topol, a world renowned cardiologist, scientist and author of three instructive books about the future of medicine, called some medical specialists “information specialists” specializing in medical imaging, in his JAMA opinion paper with Dr. Saurabh Jha, and more recently in his latest book — Deep Medicine.

This has nothing to do with the importance of the specialists or their specialty. On the contrary, these specialists — Pathologists and Radiologists — provide some of the most significant sources of diagnostic data for healthcare providers across the board.

The point here is that both of their jobs essentially entail interpreting…

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It is already cliché to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected every one of our lives in one way or another. No matter which continent or industry you consider, the effects of this ‘invisible’ virus have been felt. Notwithstanding, we have shown our adaptability and resilience as humans, and have adjusted, some more than others, to this new, hopefully temporary, social distancing way of life.

We have seen a swift increase in reliance on digital technology to continue working, learning, entertaining ourselves, producing, delivering, and consuming goods and services. In the Healthcare Industry, especially the digital health sector, changes…

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Привыкли два народа жить,
И приехали британские захватчики,
И внезапно, столь внезапно,
Захотели их женить.

Как один, вместе застряли два,
Только с клеем, который не настолько сильный;
Этот клей — смесь недоверия и гнева,
Презрения и скептицизма.

Постепенно, они учились быть братьями,
Для общих целей начали объединиться люди,
В первую очередь, чтобы получить независимость,
Чтобы их Земля по праву управлялась ими.

В своё время они захватчиков выгнали;
О! Какая восхитительная победа!
И думали, что это могло бы их дружбу запечатать;
Ничего такого не произошло; свежие раздоры возникли.

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February 13

Why did you begin your book like that?!

Forgive my manners. I’m Anna and honestly, I enjoyed every page of your book. After the first chapter, of course. Do you realize that many people must have dropped that book after failing to read through the first chapter? Too much gruesome detail if you ask me, but isn’t that the reality of life?

Tomorrow, I must read the eulogy I wrote for my uncle who passed away two weeks ago. It was almost impossible to write it, I don’t know how I’m going to read it. I could have…

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I like many things: 1. Digital Health * ∞

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